What is a hackathon?

Hackathons are events where individuals form teams to create, design, and develop projects.

How many people will be participating?

There will be a limited number of participants. The earlier you sign up, the better the chance you have at being accepted.

Who can attend?

Any student enrolled at UTSA, 18 or older.

How much will it cost?

Free! We will provide food, internet, power, prizes, and snacks. You just have to show up.

Where will I be allowed to park?

Participants may park in any Faculty A/B or commuter spot over the weekend. We recommend trying the parking lot directly in front of the Bauerle Garage (Bauerle Rd Lot 3). A map of UTSA can be found here.

How big can a team be?

We recommend having a team of 4 people

Why should I come?

You'll be able to meet new people, discuss ideas, and collaborate on interesting projects.

Where will RowdyHacks be located?

RowdyHacks will take place on the first floor of the NPB (North Paseo Building) at UTSA's main campus.

What can I build?

Anything you can imagine, from websites to hardware hacks to mobile apps. The more creative, the better!

What do I need to bring?

Here are some items we recommend you bring: Laptops, chargers, a change of clothes, and toiletries

What if I don't have a team or idea?

We will give you the opportunity to form teams during the opening ceremonies.

Interested in sponsoring?

Please contact us via e-mail at team@rowdyhacks.org for more details.